5 Popular Bitcoin Entrepreneurs

The dramatic rise of the Bitcoin is not unknown to us. The idea for the Bitcoin that had started in 2008 has grown into one of the leading and most attractive investment options a decade later. Over the years, many notable entrepreneurs and big businesses have invested in this crypto asset. The coin remains at the top of the list of cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap, having attained a market cap of $173.5 billion till June, 2020. The new Bitcoin Billionaire app will help you have a good start for bitcoin trading. Here are some of the most popular Bitcoin entrepreneurs:

  1. Winklevoss twins: Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss had been famous American rowers and they also became one of the most successful online entrepreneurs. These brothers took an active interest in cryptocurrencies through their company Math-Based Asset Services LLC. They soon launched Winkdex, a handy financial index for tracking Bitcoin’s value. With profits that they amassed from Bitcoins they were even able to buy seats on the shuttle Virgin Galactic. Go through an authentic bitcoin era erfahrungen (review) to learn how you can execute a quick trade and earn more profit.
  2. Barry Silbert: He is the CEO and founder of the company called Digital Currency Group that aimed to speed up the growth of global financial systems through creation and endorsement of Bitcoins and blockchain businesses. This company had invested in hundreds of blockchain-driven companies and acquired Coindesk in 2016. The brand owns Grayscale Investments that is in charge of managing the GBTC or Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust and many other portfolio companies like the Genesis.
  3. Dan Morehead: He is the CEO, CIO, and founder of Pantera Capital which was the first of its kind to focus on Bitcoins. it continues to be one of the biggest institutional owners of Bitcoins today and had launched the first crypto fund when the Bitcoin was trading for $65 each. Since then, Pantera has made many key portfolio investments like the European cryptocurrency exchange BitStamp, Shapeshift which is a decentralized exchange for coin-trading, and Poly chain Capital that is a business that profitably raised more than $200 million.
  4. Michael Novogratz: He was an ex-hedge fund manager working with the Fortress Investment Group, later becoming partner at Goldman Sachs, and commenting often on Bitcoin price movements. Novogratz is also the CEO, founder, and chairman of the investment fund Galaxy Digital Holdings, managing trades and advising on blockchain-related assets. In 2017, he declared that he was the proud owner of $250 million in Bitcoins and Ethereum, and even purchased a private jet using these funds.
  5. Tim Draper: He was an American investor who had used his instincts to invest in Bitcoins. In 2017 he bought almost 30,000 Bitcoins for an amount that was not revealed. While people have criticized him for being unwise and his lack of judgment, he confidently told Fox News that he would make this amount $10,000 in 3 years. He continues to be a leading spokesperson for the Bitcoin, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. He has invested in more than fifty crypto companies and holds substantial stakes in Coinbase, Tezos, Ledger, Bancor, etc. He has been featured in key networks and publications for being an advocate of entrepreneurship, free markets, innovative governance, and Bitcoins.